Fujitsu Unveils Data Center Power Predictor

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Just recently, IT company Fujitsu unveiled what could become a game changer in the data center industry: a technology capable of quickly determining power consumption.

The technology acts a simulator, determining what amount of power a data center may consume based on thermal flows. It takes into account such factors as ICT hardware, power supplies, and air conditioning,

In order to provide for cost reduction, many data center operators pay heavy attention to power consumption when constructing and maintaining their facilities.

“This technology makes it possible to accurately simulate the effects that power-saving measures will have on a datacenter as a whole—something that has been difficult to verify using actual operating datacenters,” Fujitsu stated in a press release on the matter.

So what are Fujitsu’s plans for what they’ve created? The company says they’ll be testing the solution in their own data centers.

As a company, Fujitsu provides services such as managed infrastructure, product support, consulting, and applications. They also offer a range of solutions involving the tech industry. For further information on Fujitsu’s announcement, go to: