Full IPv6 Connectivity Available on InfoRelay Network

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc., an IT solutions and connectivity provider, announced today that its upgrade to IPv6 is now complete across all of its major markets.

IPv6, or Internet Protocol version 6, was designed as the successor to IPv4. IPv4 is being phased out as the number of available IP addresses is dwindling to zero. IPv6 allows for 340 undecillion or 3.4 x 10^38 addresses. The new system also allows for flexibility in allocating addresses and routing traffic.

Many national governments, including the US Government, are requiring a major changeover to IPv6. Most businesses have followed suit in order to not only retain compatibility with the government’s needs, but to future-proof their networks and servers by ensuring that these systems will remain widely accessible even after the depletion of IPv4 addresses. Worldwide deployment of IPv6 has proven to be a challenge for many organizations.

InfoRelay has been a pioneer amongst managed hosting providers by natively supporting IPv6 for the past several years. Increased customer demand for native IPv6 connectivity has led InfoRelay to support full dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 routing. The full deployment of IPv6 across all InfoRelay locations completes a series of planned network upgrades designed to meet the needs of InfoRelay’s government and private sector clients. InfoRelay can now offer IPv6 connectivity to any customers in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia, Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area, and New York metropolitan area markets. In each market, InfoRelay maintains multiple connections to IPv6-enabled tier 1 and tier 2 network providers, offering fully redundant connectivity to the IPv6 internet.

Russell Weiss, President of InfoRelay, stated, “By making IPv6 connectivity fully available, we are ensuring that our network is ahead of the curve and thoroughly prepared for the switch from IPv4 to IPv6 and eventual worldwide deployment.”