Full Size Driveable Lego Car Powered by Air

Full Size Driveable Lego Car Powered by Air(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  Steve Sammartino, a Melbourne entrepreneur, and Raul Oaida, a 20 year old “self- taught technology genius”, built the first ever true to scale drivable Lego car.

Known as the Super Awesome Micro Project, the car is comprised of over 500,000 Lego pieces, including the engine which “runs on air.”

Only the tires and some load bearing elements are not made of the plastic toys, states the project’s site.

The Hot Rod designed car reaches a top speed of 12-17 mph. “We were scared of a lego explosion so we drove it slowly.”

The project was crowdfunded through Twitter starting in February 2012, in which Sammartino posted, “Anyone interested in investing $500-$1000 in a project which is awesome & a world first tweet me. Need about 20 participants…”

This isn’t Smmartino and Oaida’s first Lego project. In 2011, they launched a Lego Shuttle in Germany that reached 35,000 meters in altitude.

Full Size Driveable Lego Car Powered by Air