Gabon Stops Dotcom from Using .GA ccTLD

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A significant change is in store for Megaupload’s expected successor, Mega. According to a BBC report on Wednesday, the country of Gabon won’t allow founder Kim Dotcom to use the country’s ccTLD for his new website. The site, as planned, had been

Dotcom had originally suggested that using the .GA domain ending would allow the new file sharing site to be safeguarded against future take downs from authorities.

The African nation was reportedly worried Mega would be used to harbor copyrighted content.

The founder, meanwhile, had vowed to move ahead with a fix. “Don’t worry. We have an alternative domain,” Dotcom commented on Twitter.

He also suggested that the country’s ties with the United States were a move for the block. “Gabon oil income is 60% of state revenues. Over half of Gabon’s crude oil shipments go to the US. We knew that ;-),” he commented in another Tweet.

Megaupload was shut down in January by U.S. Federal authorities. Dotcom is currently facing charges related to copyright infringement.