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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this podcast has to be worth at least eight minutes or so of your time.  On this edition of the Web Hosting Show we will be taking a look at both online photo gallery hosting services and three different types of photo gallery scripts you can install on your own web hosting account.


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There are hundreds if not thousands of great ways to showcase your artwork, your photography or any other type of images you have created and share them with the world.  I have done my best to check them all out – so you can finally know which ones are the best of the best.

Here is what we have in store for you on today’s show:

3 Best Image Gallery Services

There are thousands of free image host out there, but not many that focus on providing you a cheap or free place to host an online gallery for your photography, images or artwork.  If you do not want to upload a script and run it from day to day, you might try one of these three free image gallery hosting services to get your own portfolio hosted online.

3 Free Photo Gallery Tools for Any Occasion

It might be easy to find a free photo gallery script you can get up and running on your website.  However, not all scripts are created equal.  Sometimes you might want a simple page dedicated to photos, and other times you might need an entire domain dedicated to the idea of showcasing your images.  I have searched the Web high and low to bring you the best free image gallery tools for big projects, medium sized projects and lightweight projects.

Also, I would love to hear your experiences with the best gallery hosting services online or the best album scripts on the web.  If you have any other great resources worth sharing, be sure to leave a comment and share it with the rest of us.