Gartner Analyzes Global Data Center Trends

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – How do data center trends differentiate worldwide?  A new report issued on Monday by research firm Gartner shed new light on how the industry operates in global regions including North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The company said that while there was a global shift towards tech services including cloud, IUS, IaaS and PaaS, the market showed different statistics when comparing different regions.

Specifically addressed was the issue of data center outsourcing, representing companies that looked to other areas for their data center services. Outside the United States, data center outsourcing accounted for 80% of the total market in 2011. However, in the U.S. alone, cloud adoption along with hosting appeared to be most prevalent, representing 42% of the market.

Talking about the issue in a release, Gartner VP Claudio Da Rold discussed issues changing the industry. “Many events have affected the DCS market in the past two years, with symptoms of a traditional market at the tipping point from maturity to reinvention or decline,” Rold commented.

Rold continued, “Buyers in enterprise organizations must recognize the common usage patterns and differentiated levels of adoption of hosting vs. data center outsourcing (DCO), as well as the different business and market drivers toward new products.”

Data center outsourcing in itself is a billion dollar industry. In Europe, costs spent on outsourcing totaled $38 billion just during the course of last year. In the United States, outsourcing reached $33 billion during the same period while Asia-Pacific represented the least significant amount of money, totaling $10 billion.

Also calculated in the report were colocation and web hosting costs during the course of last year. The industry was worth $23 billion in the United States while representing $8.6 billion and $2.5 billion in Europe and Asia-Pacific respectively. Garnter’s report comes on the heels of another release in which the company analyzed and predicted PC shipments during the course of this year. For more information regarding Gartner’s latest research, view a press release by the company here (