Gartner: PC Shipments Remain Weak

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Is the personal computer in decline, ceding way for the almighty tablet? If shipment projections mean anything, perhaps that could be the case.

On Wednesday, research company  Gartner released statistics projecting that personal computer shipments would grow 4.4% this year. While that is an increase, it’s only a slightly higher one in what’s been considered a slow market as of late.

Discussing the matter in a press release, Gartner Research director Ranjit Atwal stated, “PC shipments will remain weak in 2012, as the PC market plays catch up in bringing a new level of innovation that consumers want to see in devices they purchase.”

Despite just a slight increase, it doesn’t necessarily mean all doom and gloom for the PC. Atwal also discussed whether some other factors could come into play for the PC market. “The real question is whether Windows 8 and ultrabooks will create the compelling offering that gets the earlier adopter of devices excited about PCs again,” Atwal continued.

So exactly what does a 4.4% increased amount to? Roughly 400 million units set for shipping, according to the research firm. Atwal also stated that he believed the shift towards cloud would play a big role in the future, saying “The evolution of the personal cloud will challenge vendors across all mobile devices markets and add to the hurdles for PC vendors to overcome to revive the PCs and differentiate them from tablets.”

In recent years, the PC market has faced increased competition from tablet devices and smartphones. To view Gartner’s release on the matter, go here (