Gates in Utah for Novell Case

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – It was a showdown of one of the tech industry’s leading companies (Microsoft) and a company that’s been somewhat forgotten in recent years (Novell). On Monday, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates was in Utah to testify concerning Novell’s lawsuit against the company he founded.

Although the suit amounts for one billion dollars, it actually dates back to a time when Microsoft was turning a corner towards what was then considered complete domination of the operating system market.

Novell’s suit contends that Microsoft initially left WordPerfect out of Windows 95 because Microsoft was afraid WordPerfect could hurt Microsoft’s own word processor sales.

WordPerfect had once dominated the word processor market.

So is Microsoft guilty of having acted in an anti-trust way concerning the WordPerfect matter?  According to a report from USA Today, during the hearing, Gates contended that reasons for leaving WordPerfect out included a fear that it would crash the OS and Novell’s inability to have it ready in time for Windows 95’s release.

Novell later got rid of WordPerfect for a substantial loss. According to the report, Gates also reasoned that his company’s word processor programs were already more popular than WordPerfect shortly before the time of Windows 95’s launch.

As many already know, Microsoft was involved in a large antitrust suit by the Federal government in the late 1990’s (which it later settled). For more information on the matter, view a report by USA Today here (