GigeNET Updates Cloud Servers with 30x Faster SAN Technology

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – GigeNET has released its new SAN with TurboIO™! The release comes as the result of almost a year of research and development by the technical team at GigeNET. Their goal is always to provide the most robust, reliable and high performance Cloud Servers for all organizations and individuals.

The new SAN has an advanced caching technology for read and writes. It automatically prioritizes your data according to what needs to be accessed more frequently by placing that data on ultra high speed RAM based SSD (Solid State Drive) technology. All Virtual Machines on this new SAN should see a significant increase in performance to the tune of 20-30 times faster than the previous technology.

GigeNET has also redesigned their high availability system. It is 100% redundant and is designed to protect your data always. Even if an entire disk shelf is lost, your Virtual Machine and your data will remain complete and online. However, GigeNET does warn us, this is not a substitute for backups. GigeNET still advises every client to make sure their data is backed up in some way or to take advantage of their R1Soft solution for backups.

The SAN also has the ability to scale by adding several hundred TB of additional space and the ability to take more caching devices. This means the next time GigeNET needs to add more capacity to the cloud it will be quick and easy to do on-the-fly.

The new pool on the SAN is running the latest version of Citrix (6.x). Over the next few weeks, clients will notice some updated templates as well as a library of applications including updated CentOS templates and others that weren’t previously available.

Upcoming Features: AnyCast IPs, Automated Clustering and Automated Application Installs!