GigeNET’s New Explainer Video Demystifies DDoS Attacks and Prevention in Just Minutes

GigeNET’s New Explainer Video Demystifies DDoS Attacks and Prevention in Just Minutes(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – GigeNET, a pioneer and leader of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection and mitigation services as well as managed hosting announced the release of a new DDoS explainer video today. In just two minutes, this video explains what a DDoS attack is and how they can be stopped before they cost your business revenue and reputation.

GigeNET is headquartered just outside of Chicago, where it owns and operates a state-of-the-art datacenter. It also operates a center in Los Angeles and is preparing to open its East Coast location shortly.

DDoS attacks are in the news almost every day and it seems that no one is immune. Major sites like Feedly, Meetup, Basecamp,, Evernote, Moz and ShutterStock have all fallen victim to attacks this year. Whether the attacks are initiated by extortionists, hacktivists, or competitors, they are increasing in frequency, severity and complexity.

Unlike some other providers of DDoS protection, GigeNET is not a reseller. It has developed and hosted its own solutions since 1999. This allows GigeNET to stay one step ahead of the attackers and to ensure there is no latency in the solutions it offers.

“While DDoS attacks are all over the news today, many businesses lack an understanding of what they are, how easily they are launched and the losses that can be incurred as a result,” said Ameen Pishdadi, CTO and President of GigeNET. “We developed this clear and concise video to help businesses comprehend the risk of today’s interconnected world and to inform them on solutions available to protect their businesses and livelihood.”

By offering three distinct DDoS solutions, GigeNET can offer comprehensive detection, mitigation and protection to businesses of all types and sizes.

  • ProxyShield requires no contracts or hardware, it stops attacks underway and allows users to keep their existing hosting.
  • Automated Server Protection provides 24×7 monitoring, prevents service disruption, and safeguards your business.
  • Provider Level Network Protection offers protection and control to ISPs and datacenters while limiting collateral damage.

About GigeNET

GigeNET is a full-service, managed hosting provider offering dedicated, cloud, hybrid, and colocation hosting solutions, as well as state-of-the-art DDoS protection. GigeNET is headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois where it owns and operates a 17,000 sq. ft. enterprise-class private data center that allows GigeNET to offer clients high performance with superior security at affordable prices. GigeNET also offers its wide range of services in its newly expanded Los Angeles, CA data center and has plans to open an East Coast location shortly.

GigeNET has been a pioneer since its inception in the 90s and continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, developing new technologies and trailblazing products for their clients including ProxyShield®, the industry’s leading DDoS mitigation system.