GIGS.2.GO Concept Lets You Tear Off Flash Drives

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Is a new concept about to take flight? According to a report from Gizmag on Tuesday, a new flash drive concept known as GIGS.2.GO was recently showcased.

The concept features 4 paper-like drives all attached via a credit-card sized pack. On, the maker describes the concept as an “easy way to share large files.”

“When you need to share files on-the-go, simply tear off a tab from the GIGS.2.GO pack. Each tab is a tiny thumb drive. Because GIGS.2.GO is inexpensive and made from renewable materials, you can feel comfortable leaving the tabs behind. And you’ve still got more tabs, ready when you need them,” read the remarks via Behance.

The concept itself is based of recycled paper and makes use of molded paper pulp – something that’s renewable.

While this is truly cool, it still remains in the concept stage. We’re not sure how practicable such a product would be, but it’s definitely interesting.