Global 1 Resources Sees Server Racks Growth

(Ping! Zine) – Global 1 Resources has been steadily growing their inventory of networking equipment such as server racks, networking switches and more, and now they are seeing success with the expansion of their own branded products. As one of the leading online resources for networking equipment, Global 1 Resources offers the best new, used and refurbished server racks for technology and networking expansions for companies.

Some of the brand new Global 1 Resources Server Racks include the 42U RACK which is adaptable to any size server and the 36Userver rack which is excellent for midsized projects.

For companies that are looking to expand their networking or data storage solutions, they are encouraged to call into Global 1 Resources and speak with a representative about the possibilities of products that will fit their needs. Global 1 Resources understands the complicated balance between fitting the needs of your servers and leaving room for expansion all while keeping costs affordable.

Alongside the new Global 1 Resources server racks that are available, they also have excellent options for new, used and refurbished accessories for server racks such as mounting hardware, PDU’s and power strips, custom rack cabinets, server rack enclosures and more. With one stop, companies can find all of the server rack and technology solutions that they need with the help of the extremely supportive customer service team of Global 1 Resources.

More about the company: Global One Resources is one of the leading online resources for server rack networking solutions. They carry a vast inventory of new used and refurbished server racks and server rack accessories such as rack mount shelves, monitors, hardware, rail kits, fans and more. For more information on the Global 1 Resources products, visit or call 877-307-RACK to speak with a representative.