Global Industry News Launches ASP List

(Ping! Zine) – Global Industry News, a provider of business and industry information, has today launched a guide to Active Server Pages (ASP) hosting services. The first of it’s kind ASP web hosting list compiles over a dozen popular web hosting services and categorizes their level of ASP capability, as well as listing other factors, such as their monthly prices.

ASP hosting services are among the most desired features looked for in a web hosting company as many thousands of businesses depend on Active Server Pages for their web properties. There was a lack of any definitive comparison guide in the ASP web hosting arena. Global Industry News decided to fill the gap. Currently, the list provides clarity on many web hosting companies who do not offer ASP services. In some cases, customers would otherwise have to call and ask the web hosting companies themselves in order to find out their capabilities. The inclusion of pricing and domain prices also provides a convenient point of reference for businesses considering to select a web hosting provider.