GlobalSign Offers Free Code Signing Tool

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – GlobalSign (, a specialist in issuing Code Signing Digital Certificates used to authenticate the publisher of software and produce tamper-evident virtual “shrink-wrapped” software, has today announced the launch of a free comprehensive Code Signing Tool. The tool expedites the process of digitally signing a wide group of application types from Microsoft, Adobe, Sun, Mozilla and Apple among others.

GlobalSign Code Signing certificates allow software developers to digitally sign and timestamp the software they distribute over the internet, which is the virtual equivalent to shrink-wrapping CD based software for distribution. Users who download digitally signed software and applications can be sure of the origin of the code and that it has not been altered in any way since the time-stamp was applied. By utilizing Code Signing certificates the “Unknown Publisher” popup in Operating Systems and browsers is removed. Digitally signing your code enhances the brand and reputation of software developers while also protecting their users from malware and spyware.

Many software developers cringe at the thought of having to Code Sign. The Code Signing process for most is a lot of unfamiliar and confusing terminology. While the actual process is not difficult, the myriad of options around key-sizes, algorithms and time-stamps makes digitally signing code unnecessarily difficult, even for a seasoned developer. To help simplify the daunting processes, options and learning curve associated with the Code Signing process, GlobalSign developed a free Code Signing tool, providing. a comprehensive front-end to those different technologies and allowing correct code-signing signatures to be added with minimum hassle. Using the tool is simple and intuitive, users simply select the application type, their certificate (the tool searches different key-stores), and optionally add a timestamp. The GlobalSign Code Signing Tool prompts the user to download the correct SDK and tools depending on the chosen application, and shows the executable command line which helps expedite the process of digitally signing applications.

GlobalSign Code Signing Certificates are available to software vendors as well as to individual developers – those developers not associated with a large organization. A single GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate can be used to sign multiple types of code including Microsoft® Authenticode™, Adobe Air®, Java™, Microsoft® Office and Visual Basic®, Apple®, and Mozilla® and Netscape® Objects, cutting out the hassle of trying to adhere individually to each platforms policies on signing code. GlobalSign’s Code Signing Certificates also include a free time stamping service to ensure the signature does not expire and the ability to digitally sign an unlimited number of applications within the lifespan of the certificate.

GlobalSign Code Signing certificates can be purchased by Individual developers and Enterprises starting at only $99 per year. The GlobalSign Code Signing Tool is free to use and can be found at