GNAX Launches New Cloud Solution

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Global Net Access (GNAX), a leading technology infrastructure service provider, announces GNAX Cloud, an enterprise-grade multi-tenant cloud computing solution. Powered by VMware vCloud Director, the GNAX Cloud allows customers to manage a virtual infrastructure through a simple web interface, maximizing resource utilization while enhancing the security, reliability and flexibility of enterprise IT infrastructure.

The GNAX Cloud accelerates a business’s time to market and end-user response times. The GNAX Cloud offers the ability to:
• Provision virtual machines on demand
• Group virtual machines together into vApps for ease of deployment
• Select and load server images from pre-defined sets in minutes
• Secure your infrastructure behind a virtual firewall
• Ensure optimal application performance with GNAX AppMonitor

GNAX assures customers that their applications will run as well or better in the GNAX Cloud and at a lower price than on a dedicated server. Use the GNAX AppMonitor to create a benchmark for your current application on its current environment. Then use it with the GNAX Cloud to ensure optimal performance. If managed properly, you will notice that your application’s performance can improve or remain the same when moved to the GNAX Cloud while at the same time lowering your costs significantly.

“GNAX Cloud represents a significant step forward in cloud computing services,” explains GNAX Chief Technology Officer and VMware vExpert, Mariano Maluf, “GNAX is one of only a few VMware vCloud Powered Service Providers in the world. We employ the latest and best technologies from VMware. Since most enterprises use VMware internally, the GNAX cloud is an easy extension for them, allowing them to migrate development and production environments to the cloud to achieve greater flexibility and lower costs.”

The high performance GNAX Cloud has a simple price structure as well. Starting at only $28 a month, the GNAX Cloud is accessible to any business but robust enough to handle large enterprise loads. Learn more about the GNAX Cloud.