Go Daddy CEO Talks Possible IPO, New TLDs & More

comPZ(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Top domain registrar Go Daddy may be known to the general public more so for its somewhat irreverent Super Bowl ads, but at the heart of the company lies an intricate model that’s made the web host one of the world’s most successful.

Still relatively new CEO Blake Irving (who was appointed back in December) was recently interviewed by The Wall Street Journal wherein he discussed a number of interesting company issues, including the possibility of a future IPO. “It’s not off the table,” he told the publication. “We’re growing at double digits [in terms of percentage] on the customer side, on revenue, on earnings, so the opportunity for us to have an IPO is quite good. The board is quite supportive of taking that direction, if that’s what we want to do.”

Go Daddy was notably purchased by private equity firms Silver Lake and KKR last year and scrapped a public bid in 2006.

Regarding global plans, Irving noted the company was working to building language-specific software to compete in foreign markets outside the U.S.

Meanwhile, the CEO said the internet would experience a “resurgence” but “not a gold rush” when it came to the emergence of new TLDs. Check out the Wall Street Journal’s fascinating interview here (online.wsj.com).