Go Daddy Says Multiple Factors Caused September Downtime

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – On Friday, Go Daddy provided its most detailed account of what caused the downtime affecting a variety of its web hosting customers last month.

In a post including the term “Inside Story,” company Chief Infrastructure Officer Auguste Goldman pointed out that “multiple factors” had resulted in the service disruption on September 10th.

“Our goal is to provide transparency and detail the specific elements we have implemented to prevent another such occurrence,” explained Goldman.

Reasons pointed out in the report included containment, router hardware failure modes and the exhaustion of router memory. A significant portion of the recovery process involved the company dealing with a big spike in DNS queries.

“We brought our systems back online by throttling the DNS queries with traffic rate-limiters on all of our Internet connection points around the world. As the limiters took effect, we started to bring up each DNS data center and continually increased traffic with each new DNS pod coming online,” stated the company.

A hacker had initially taken credit for the incident. However, that claim proved false and Go Daddy went on to blame “corrupted router data tables” when discussing the breach following the meltdown.