Go Daddy to Join Google & Microsoft at New Bay Area Office

Go Daddy to Join Google, Microsoft & Others at New Bay Area Office(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Go Daddy is set to increase its presence in the San Francisco Bay area with a new office.

The top domain registrar announced the expansion in a press release on Tuesday. It arrives just shortly after a previous office expansion for the same area was announced in February.

Moffett Towers, which will be the company’s new home, also plays host to other tech giants including the likes of HP, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

“I haven’t met a developer yet who doesn’t want to change the world for the better with their work – and that’s what we’re doing for small businesses. We’re giving people simple, elegant products to harness the power of the Web in starting and growing their own ventures. GoDaddy is attracting incredible technical talent to help make our vision a reality and we’re making it easy by creating great workspaces where the talent lives. That means opening offices in places like the Bay Area and Seattle,” commented company CEO Blake Irving via a press release.

The latest expansion also follows the company’s initial construction of a 15 thousand square feet facility in Temple Arizona, not far from the company’s headquarters.