GoDaddy Signs Deutsch Inc. for TV Spots, Danica in Doubt?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Racecar driver Danica Patrick’s appearance in Go Daddy commercials is all but certain, according to a recent report from USA Today. The move arrives after the top web hosting company hired advertisement firm Deutsch Inc. to help produce content for upcoming Super Bowl commercials, set to air on February 3rd, 2013.

Deutsch Inc’s high profile clients have included HTC, DirecTV, Microsoft, PlayStation and Target

Go Daddy’s commercials have always been edgy, and that appears to be something the web host is looking to continue. Company Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman commented in a press release that the hosting provider would be “repositioning sexy” with its latest TV spots.

Patrick even speculated about her own future with Go Daddy via the press release from the company. “Do I hope I’ll be in the new Go Daddy Super Bowl commercials? Absolutely,” she stated. “I don’t think it would feel quite like a Super Bowl if we don’t do the commercials again this year,” Patrick continued.

The popular racecar driver is a record setter in terms of Super Bowl commercials. With ten TV spots, she now holds the title of most appearances on America’s most sought after commercial platform.

Go Daddy Chairman Bob Parsons seemed to back Patrick’s success in the web host’s commercials but didn’t signal that her continuation with the company was a sure thing. “We have had measurable success with Danica, no doubt about it,” Parsons commented.

He continued, “When you think about our new definition of ‘sexy’ as: success, ambition and a drive to succeed with an online presence … Danica certainly fits that bill.”

In an ESPN report, Indiana University senior lecturer Ann Bastianelli emphasized the web host may now be more aware of potential clientele. Regarding Go Daddy’s edgy appeal, she stated, “They have to go get small-business owners. Deutsch is probably thinking she’s not the right way to get those folks. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they sort of set that aside.”

Patrick’s contract with the web host runs through next year, according to USA Today. Patrick or no Patrick, one thing remains certain: In some form, the web host will likely continue its edgy tradition.