Google Absolved by FTC, Will Change Practices

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The U.S. government has absolved Google regarding antitrust concerns, the FTC signaled Thursday.

The finding, however, comes after a settlement in which the tech giant agreed to change some of its practices.

The Commission noted in a press release that it had been worried certain actions by the company could hurt competition in areas such as the cellular industry and advertising via online searches.

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz lauded the process, calling it an “incredibly thorough and careful investigation.” Meanwhile, FTC outside counsel Beth Wilkinson called Google’s change in practices “significant,” but noted the company’s actions didn’t warrant legal action by the government agency.

Some of the changes to be implemented by Google will provide advertisers with more flexibility with rival online searches along with allowing competitors to use “standard-essential patents.”

Google, like many tech providers including Apple, has sought an upper hand in the tech market by acquiring and filing key patents. The company had vigorously defended itself against charges of antitrust.