Google Adds Mini-Games On It’s Wearable Eye-Wear, Google Glass

Google Adds Mini-Games On It's Wearable Eye-Wear, Google Glass(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Google’s highly anticipated wearable eye-wear, Google Glass, has received a new feature, mini-games.

According to Google Developers, the wearable device has received five new “simple games,” Tennis, Balance, Clay Shooter, Matcher, and Shape Splitter.

In Tennis, the player’s head serves as the racket, which can be controlled from head motions.

Balance is a game designed to test how well the wearer can keep a pile of shapes from falling by shifting their head.

Clay Shooter is voice activated, by saying “Pull,” a pigeon is released in the direction your looking at.

Matcher is a “twist” on the classic card matching game. Wearers can use head movements to select and deselect cards.

Finally, Shape Splitter is a game where you can slice objects by moving your hands in front of the Glass camera.

“With tons of tiny sensors and a screen that fits neatly above the eye, Glass is an exciting new place to play,” wrote Google. “We hacked together five simple games that experiment with the unique features of Glass and demonstrate some of the possibilities for gaming.”

Below is a demonstration of the Google Glass mini-games found on the Developers page.