Google Adds New Cloud Support Via European Data Center

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tech giant Google recently moved to provide new offerings via its cloud platform, on Monday announcing a 20% price cut to the key offering.

The company also rolled out a new pricing option called “Durable Reduced Availability.” Currently available with a limited preview, Google says the offering “lowers prices by trading off some data availability while maintaining the same latency performance and durability as standard Google Cloud Storage.”

In addition to a new pricing structure, the company has expanded availability to its European data center, thus allowing clientele to deploy virtual machines, applications and data.

“This helps bring your solutions even closer to your customers for faster performance and enables international redundancy,” Google emphasized in a blog post from Jessie Jiang, the company’s Product Management Director.

The tech giant also announced newly available instances including High Memory, High CPU and Diskless Configuration, the latter two of which are configured to cut down on costs.