Google and Cisco Announce Integration of WebEX To Chromebooks

Google and Cisco Announce Integration of WebEX To Chromebooks(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Google and Cisco have partnered together to integrate Cisco WebEX to Chromebooks and Cisco UC into Google Apps, announced Google on Tuesday.

At the Enterprise Connect Conference, both companies announced this integration of services, a move that demonstrates “proof of concept” of WebEX running on Chromebooks.

“Imagine, for instance, being able to join a WebEx meeting straight from a Google Calendar, or starting an instant meeting from the Google Contact Card and the Google People widget. Being able to connect with others inside and outside the organization by clicking on phone numbers or extensions displayed in Gmail or Google Apps. Rajen and I want that; we bet many of you do too,” states Cisco’s blog.

The companies did not say when this integration will be available, although many capabilities between WebEx and Google Apps are already accessible.