Google Assumes the ISP Role, Debuts High Speed Fiber

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Online search giant Google continues to expand into other areas of the technology industry, and yesterday, the company officially made its debut as an ISP. Called Google Fiber, the service was rolled out in Kansas City, Missouri according to a report from

Google is currently taking pre-registrations for the platform although its initial availability is isolated to the Kansas City area.

So you’re probably wondering, just how fast is it? 1000 MB per second, according to the offering’s website. That’s significantly faster than other providers and with the offering, Google is emphasizing features such as HD, downloads, recording and more.

Payment plans come in three options. Users can get the regular Gigabit Internet at $70 dollars per month while a plus TV option is set at a monthly fee of $120 dollars. And the third option? Get this, it’s free. Well, not exactly. Customers can pay a one time $300 dollar construction fee to get free internet up and running. The fee is also available via a payment plan for $25 bucks per month for one year.

Wireless provider Verizon last month rolled out its own high-speed Internet offering called FiOS Quantum, something the company said would allow users to download two hour HD movies in a few as 2.2 minutes.