Google, BlackBerry & EarthLink Join Against Patent Trolls

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tech giant Google is joining alongside the likes of Red Hat, BlackBerry and EarhLink in the fight versus patent trolls.

The company announced the initiative Friday, noting that patent privateering hurt the U.S. economy by $30 billion annually. The companies have sent a letter to the FTC, asking that closer attention be paid to the issue.

“Privateering lets a company split its patent portfolio into smaller sub-portfolios “stacked” on each other, increasing the number of entities a firm must negotiate with and multiplying licensing costs. This behavior unfairly raises competitors’ costs, ultimately driving up prices for consumers,” stated Google Senior Competition Counsel Matthew Bye via the company’s Public Policy Blog.

To resolve the matter, Google wants to help create cooperative licensing agreements – something it believes will significantly help to resolve the issue.