Google Chrome OS Pretty Much Headed for Windows 8’s Metro

Google Chrome OS is Pretty Much Headed for Windows 8 Metro(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Windows 8 will “essentially” be able to run Google’s Chrome OS operating system via its metro mode, a report from The Verge noted on Saturday.

Chrome OS is currently used on Google Chromebook computer systems.

The basis for having what is essentially Chrome OS operating in Windows 8 was discovered through a recent dev channel release for Windows 8’s metro Chrome version.

The Windows 8 metro version of Chrome allows the web browser to be accessed directly through Windows 8’s metro tiles.

The Chrome OS-like version features a shelf with access to things like Gmail, Google, Docs, YouTube and of course, Chrome itself. Also available is an app launcher in the bottom left corner.

Google previously announced integration for some of its Chrome apps into Windows 8 in September.