Google Chrome Zooms Ahead with 750 Million Active Users

googlemagnify1(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A little snippet from a recent Google blog post revealed big news about the company’s web browser: Chrome now has 750 million active users.

The news coincided with the company’s annual I/O conference in which Google announced some improvements it’s bringing to the platform.

“With over 750 million active users on Chrome, we’re now focused on bringing to mobile the speed, simplicity and security improvements that we’ve seen on the desktop. To that end, today we previewed next-generation video codec VP9 for faster video-streaming performance; the requestAutocomplete API for faster payments; and Chrome Experiments such as “A Journey Through Middle Earth” and Racer to demonstrate the ability to create immersive mobile experiences not possible in years past,” stated the Google blog.

Chrome was initially released back in September of 2008 and has increasingly competed with Firefox and Internet Explorer in terms of usage.