Google ‘Coder’ Tool Transforms Raspberry Pi into Web Server

Google ‘Coder’ Tool Transforms Raspberry Pi into Web Server(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A Google Technologist at the company’s Creative Lab has created something that actually transforms Raspberry Pi into a web server.

The tool is called “Coder” and developer Jason Stiegel is hoping the community will pitch in to make it even more accessible.

“It’s an open source tool that turns Raspberry Pi into a simple, tiny, personal web server and web-based development environment – just what you need for crafting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while you’re learning to code,” stated Striegel in a post appearing on the Google Developers Blog.

To use the tool, you simply download it, place it on an SD card and plug it into the Raspberry Pi computer.

As a computer, Raspberry Pi is just the size of a credit card and its existence helps promote basic computer knowledge in educational institutions. Watch a video on “Coder” below: