Google Encrypts Data Centers following PRISM Leak

Google Encrypts Data Centers following PRISM Leak(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Following the NSA/PRISM leak, tech giant Google has rushed to encrypt its data center infrastructure.

The move arrives amid possible bad publicity for tech providers that cooperated with government-backed surveillance programs.

Google originally approved encryption efforts last year. However, the move to do so was rushed following Edward Snowden’s leak of previously classified intel.

Encrypting the data should make it harder for surveillance programs, but by no means does it fully ensure security.

“If the NSA wants to get into your system, they are going to get in . . . . Most of the people in my community are realistic about that,” commented computer security expert Christopher Soghoian of the ACLU via the Washington Post’s report. “This is all about making dragnet surveillance impossible.”

Google earlier this year partnered with other tech giants including Yahoo, Facebook and Apple to push for more government openness regarding the collection of data.