Google Fiber Moves Past Pre-Registration in KC: Who’s Next?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Pre-registration for the highly anticipated internet service known as Google Fiber has reached its conclusion in the Kansas City, Missouri area, the company announced in a blog post Sunday.

Google has designated areas looking to receive connectivity as “fiberhoods,” noting that 180 out of a total of 202 met qualifications and will receive service availability that notably emphasizes HD and superfast download speeds.

The online search giant noted that the amount of qualifying fiberhoods had “blown us away.”

“This rally has been the first step in working toward one of the long-term core goals of Google Fiber—increasing access to the Internet. That’s why we’re connecting libraries, schools and community buildings in qualified fiberhoods,” commented the company via its blog.

The news arrives after a late July announcement in which the company first detailed its service. Pricing is available in three plans, one of which includes $120 a month for both Gigabit Internet and TV. However, if you only want the Gigabit Internet, that’s set at $70.

The company has also taken on the task of spreading online connectivity through free means, well kind of. Users can receive another Google-backed internet service representing average speeds for free. However, that’s after they agree to pay a $300 construction fee. Users can also pay the amount off on a monthly basis.

While Kansas City may be central to Google Fiber’s launch, its availability is widely expected to increase at a later date. Google has emphasized that it’s looking to make the service available where people “are most excited about it.” Meanwhile, Kansas City residents can sign up for Google Fiber beginning Thursday.