Google Fiber VS AT&T U-verse? Austin’s a Battleground

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The Texas capital of Austin could prove to be a fiber battleground between companies AT&T and Google.

Both recently revealed plans to bring high speed internet services to the city.

On AT&T’s side, they’re planning a network capable of delivering 1 gigabit speeds. On Google’s side of things, 1000 Mb per second is accounted for.

Google has already rolled out its fiber offering in the Kansas City market.

Meanwhile, Mashable’s Sam Laird provided some analysis regarding to peculiar situation. “No matter AT&T’s motivation, though, it’s Austin that comes out on top here, with what should soon be a relative surfeit of super speedy Internet options,” Laird commented.

In our opinion, Austin is surely getting spoiled when it comes to getting superfast internet (Lucky them! Right?).