Google Having ‘Lots and Lots’ of Meetings with Apple

Google Having 'Lots and Lots of Meetings' with Apple(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple and Google may not be best friends nowadays, but in no way does that mean they’re not a least trying to get along.

The two sides, which have been fierce competitors in the mobile market during the preceding years, are having “lots and lots” of meetings, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently noted, according to a Reuters report.

Schmidt’s comments were made during the annual Allen and Co media conference in Idaho. While he didn’t really elaborate, Schmidt said Apple and Google were in “constant business discussions on a long list of issues.”

It’s no surprise, really. During the past year, Google has worked to make more and more of its mobile apps available for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Such ones include Google Now (via an update for Search), Google Maps and others.

Eric Schmidt previously served on Apple’s board of directors but left in 2009 as the mobile battle between his company and the iPhone-marker heated up.