Google Honors Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address With Online Exhibit

Google Honors Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address With Online Exhibit (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tuesday marked the 150th anniversary of one of the most well-known speeches in history. Many institutions and museums celebrated this day honoring Abraham Lincoln and the speech that will never be forgotten.

Google celebrated the anniversary of The Gettysburg Address by dedicating an online exhibit titled “Remembering Lincoln At Gettysburg.”

The exhibit can be found at the Cultural Institute, the company’s online museum, where the Bancroft copy of the legendary speech is displayed.

According to the exhibit, there were five handwritten copies of the Gettysburg Address, with the Bancroft copy being the fourth composed one by Lincoln. This is housed at the Cornwell University Library.

“Each of these manuscripts is named for the person who received it from Lincoln and each is slightly different in its wording and punctuation,” states the institute’s website.

You can check out Google’s online exhibit here.