Google Integrates Music In Google Glass

Google Integrates Music In Google Glass(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Many are awaiting the public release of the Google Glass. With this eye-wear, users are able to send messages, take pictures, record videos, and many others things with just the sound of their voice.

Google has taken its technology to the next step by integrating music into the eye-wear. Users are able to access Google’s online music service to listen to music and identify songs.

According to a report from the New York Times, the command “listen to” has been added to its voice commands. By saying this command, the wearer will be able to name a song, or artist, and then be able to listen through their Play account.

In order to use the new feature, Glass earbuds must be used. Google’s Glass website said that these earbuds are “Designed for active Explorers, Glass Earbuds are lightweight and uniquely engineered to deliver crisp, full-range audio while still letting you hear your surroundings.” These earbuds also come with five interchangeable color caps.

The release of Glass has not yet been confirmed, although much speculation says sometime in early 2014.