Google+ is Tech Heavy, Dominated by Males, Stats Show

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Perhaps Google may want to find new ways to bring females on board concerning the company’s new social network Google+. Recently two polling firms found that a high majority of Google+ users are male.

A site used to track the network, Find People On Plus finds that 73.7% of Google+ users belong to the gender.

The report also broke down occupations on Google+, showing that 24.56% are engineeres, followed by developers who account for 13.57%, then designers and software engineers who account for lesser percentages. That’s not surprising considering the network debuted in such limited capacity to people heavily involved in the tech industry.

Meanwhile, SocialStatistics, another Google+ tracking site found a similar statistics regarding gender use of Google+. According to the tracking site, 86.8% are males. SocialStatistics had previously made news when showing that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was the most followed user on Google+.

Google+ invites are still in limited capacity, although the network has opened them up a bit more recently. Meanwhile, reports have indicated that the network has already topped ten million users.

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