Google Marks Roswell UFO Incident with Doodle Game

Google Marks Roswell UFO Incident with Doodle Game

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(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – On July 7th, 1947, a mysterious crash occurred around Roswell, New Mexico. In the following years, the incident sparked debate as to whether the event really involved extraterrestrials or just a weather balloon mishap, as the military has maintained.

No matter what really happened that day, the event sparked the imaginations of conspiracy theorists worldwide, and on Sunday Google celebrated the Roswell UFO incident’s 66th anniversary in its own unique way.

Head over to and you’ll see the company’s latest Doodle – something that actually allows you to have an interactive experience in the form of an adventure game. Click to direct the alien guy around as he collects items, uses them and ultimately seeks to escape Earth on his UFO.