Google Mimics Human Brain to Recognize YouTube Cats

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Just how do you mimic the human brain? Connect 14 thousand processors and have them watch YouTube.  That’s exactly what internet search giant Google did, according to a Monday report by the New York Times.

The technology itself was developed at the company’s X Laboratory. Analyzed were 10 million YouTube images and the system succeeded in recognizing cats.

So you might be wondering why that’s so special with all the current facial and object detecting technology currently available to the market. Well, the technology seemed to act less technologic, yet more human. Unlike facial recognition, it didn’t rely on previously given directions to look for a specified object. It mimicked the brain by thinking more for itself, picking the cat images out on its own.

The test run occurred over the course of three days, according to During that time, identification of objects was mostly on the mark. It received a 74% accuracy rating when identifying the feline objects. However, the system was most successful at picking up on human faces, which it received an 81.7% accuracy rating for. The company is expected to further detail results at an upcoming event in Edinburgh, Scotland.

YouTube is notable for featuring millions of entertaining cat videos (so if you’re bored, check it out!). Earlier this year, Google X Labs revealed that it had developed augmented reality glasses, a device that’s currently in the testing phase.