Google Nexus 10 2 to be Chrome OS Powered?

Google Nexus 10 2 Skipping Black Friday, Chrome OS Powered?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A second gen Google Nexus 10, commonly dubbed the “Nexus 10 2” by media outlets will likely not receive a release on Black Friday 2013. In fact, it’ll likely miss holiday season 2013 altogether, a report from the International Business Times pointed out on Tuesday.

Instead, a future Nexus 10 may in fact be powered by Google’s Chrome OS operating system – a possibility speculated upon by John Freml of Pocketables.

While pointing out that Android was super popular, Freml noted it hadn’t exactly done too well for ten-inch tablet devices – something that could provide room for Chrome OS.

“If Google’s not going to follow its previous patterns with the Nexus 10, given everything else I’ve just stated, why not release a new 10-inch tablet as a Chrome OS tablet? Maybe Google won’t even call it a Nexus anymore, and instead will just phase out the Nexus 10 all together. Maybe it makes sense for Google to focus Android where it’s most successful (on anything 7-inches and smaller), and focus Chrome OS on where it’s most successful (basically, personal computing devices that are larger than 10-inches),” stated Freml via his Pocketables blog post.

Company Chairman Eric Schmidt, meanwhile, has emphasized in the past that Google’s Android and Chrome offerings won’t be integrated in the near future.

Google released its previous gen Nexus 10 device in November of 2012.