Google Nexus 7 Facing Long-Term Performance Probs?

googlemagnify1(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Are you experiencing performance problems with your Google Nexus 7 tablet? If so, you’re not alone.

Some users have complained that the device is slowing down after just one year of use.

“I can’t find one person who has been using the Nexus 7 for an extended period of time, and hasn’t seen a massive downgrade in performance. Just what kind of downgrade are we talking here? I cannot pick up my Nexus 7 without experiencing problems like a lag of ten seconds, or more, just to rotate the display; touches refusing to acknowledged; stuttering notification panel actions; and unresponsive apps,” recently blogged Dustin Earley of Android and Me.

Meanwhile, similar complaints have been pouring in while some have pointed to “cheap SSD memory” as being the cause of the Nexus 7’s slowdown.

In the tablet’s defense, however, not everyone is facing the problems. In a report from The Huffington Post, some users commented that they hadn’t faced such issues.