Google Now: A Drastically Different Siri Alternative?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – When Apple unveiled its voice controlled AI service Siri in October with the release of the iPhone 4S, many users of Android phones were wondering if something similar would eventually be rolled out for their devices. Fortunately enough, Google appears to have its own offering with the latest release of Android, version 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Called Google Now, the service succeeds in doing what Siri does, but in a very different way (You won’t hear a voice talking back to you). The platform automatically syncs up helpful listings pertaining to user locations, what they’re doing and when they’re doing them. Users can manage helpful resources via what Google refers to as cards.

“It tells you today’s weather before you start your day, how much traffic to expect before you leave for work, when the next train will arrive as you’re standing on the platform, or your favorite team’s score while they’re playing. And the best part? All of this happens automatically. Cards appear throughout the day at the moment you need them,” explains Google on the offering’s website.

The feature itself was unveiled late last month at the company’s annual I/O conference in San Francisco, California. Other parts of the service assist Android users with flights, restaurant offerings, language translation and currency conversion. Google has kept busy lately. During the same conference, the company unveiled its own tablet offering called the Nexus 7. Created in coordination with technology company Asus, the device is widely considered a competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.