Google Paves The Way In Clean Energy With Its Solar Thermal Energy Plant

Google Paves The Way In Clean Energy With Its Solar Thermal Energy Plant(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Google is leading the way as the competition to become the leader in clean energy continues.

On Thursday, the company’s newest project officially kicked into operation, a solar thermal energy plant located near the California-Nevada line in Ivanpah, CNBC reports.

The plant uses 347,000 mirrors that produce 392 megawatts of electricity, nearly 30 percent of all solar thermal energy in the U.S.

More than 140,000 homes near the plant are said to be powered by the project.

“The fact is that all of these things, procuring power for ourselves, investing in power plants, renewable power plants, they all make business sense, they make sense for us as a company to do. We rely on power for our business,” stated Google Director of Energy and Sustainability, Rick Needham.

More than $1 billion has been spent on wind and solar investments in order to make the company more energy efficient.

“We’ve invested over a billion dollars in 15 projects that have the capacity to produce two gigawatts of power around the world, mostly in the U.S., but that’s the equivalent of Hoover’s Dam worth of power generation.”

Currently, 34 percent of Google’s operation are powered by solar energy, with the hopes of eventually becoming 100 percent renewable powered.