Google Pays the Cookie Price with $22.4M FTC Fine

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Top online innovator Google admitted to a major infraction earlier this year. The company was found to have allowed cookies to function in Apple’s Safari web browser and today the FTC officially announced what price Google would pay for the controversial matter.

The company has agreed to hand over a record setting $22.5 million. So how did it all go down? The FTC said Google placed a tracking cookie that attached to Apple web browser Safari. It occurred when users went to sites included in the company’s DoubleClick ad network.

When the issue was initially discovered, the tech giant moved to fix the problem. However, that was not enough to satisfy the FTC and privacy rights experts.

“No matter how big or small, all companies must abide by FTC orders against them and keep their privacy promises to consumers, or they will end up paying many times what it would have cost to comply in the first place,” commented FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz in a press release made available today.

While $22.5 million sounds like a lot, it should be pocket change for a company that’s annual revenue extends significantly into the billions.