Google Pledges Not to Sue on 79 New Data Center Patents

Google Pledges Not to Sue on 79 Data Center Patents(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The world of data center designs just got a bit more merry as Google on Thursday made a pledge to not sue on 79 data center-centric patents in an effort to push what it called “open-source innovation.”

The move follows up on a previous pledge in which the tech giant committed to ten patents.

“These patents cover software used to efficiently operate data centers, including middleware, distributed storage management, distributed database management, and alarm monitoring,” explained Google Senior Patent Counsel Duane Valz via a blog post.

Google, meanwhile, noted that the patents had been acquired from the likes of IBM and CA Technologies.

Open-source data center designs have been getting a lot of attention as of late. Just earlier this week, Google teamed up with companies like IBM and NVIDIA to form the “OpenPOWER Consortium,” a group pushing open development of IBM’s POWER hardware.