Google Proclaims ‘Hello Chile!’ with New Data Center Plan

(Ping! Zine Web Tech magazine) – $150 million. That’s how much Google will be investing in its new data center project located in Quilicura, Chile, not far from the country capital of Santiago. The initiative was announced early this month and will mark the tech giant’s debut in the Latin America region.

Providing for a variety of Google services, the facility will hold twenty full time jobs and the site’s completion is set for the end of 2013.

“As Internet usage in Latin America grows, people are looking for information and entertainment, new business opportunities and better ways to connect with friends and family near and far. We’re building this data center to make sure that our users across Latin America and the world have the fastest and most reliable access possible to all of Google’s services,” commented the company via its website.

The top online search giant regularly details its data center initiatives online, detailing specifics such as renewable energy, technology and more.

So why did the company decide to go with Chile? Google provided that answer via a FAQ. Among the listed factors were a “reliable infrastructure,” the country’s “commitment to transparent and business friendly regulations,” and a “skilled workforce.” The tech giant also referred to the process of selecting its latest site as “thorough and rigorous.”

Google detailed its Hong Kong data center in December of last year, signaling that it would invest $300 million into the facility as an overall plan to construct three locations in the Asia-Pacific region.