Google Reader Petition Reaches 100,000 Signatures

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – 100,000 people have signed a popular petition as of Friday morning to save Google Reader. The news follows Google’s unexpected announcement on Wednesday that it will shut down the service on July 1.

The Keep Google Reader Running petition on generated more than 400,000 pageviews since Wednesday, securing its position as’s most active petition and most-viewed petition for 2 days straight. At one point on Thursday, the petition made up 24% of total site traffic on

At least eight related petitions have been started on since Wednesday, several of which also have thousands of signatures.

Google issued a statement on Wednesday explaining its decision to shut down the popular RSS service.

“There are two simple reasons for this: usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products,” wrote Alan Green, a software engineer, on the company’s blog. “We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience.”

Many Google Reader users seem to disagree, as evidenced by the most popular comment on the petition, written by Patrick Knight of Hillsborough, North Carolina.

“I’ve been Google Reader for YEARS,” wrote Knight in a comment liked 419 times. “I literally have thousands of starred items. ‘Social Newsreading’ cannot COMPARE to the simplicity of RSS. Please, keep Reader around. The community, while smaller, is still very active.”

The Keep Google Reader Running petition is one of the fastest-growing ever on, the world’s largest petition platform.

“The Google Reader petition has a higher rate of growth and higher over signature count than the vast majority of petitions started on our platform,” said Charlotte Hill, a spokesperson for “In under 48 hours, 100,000 people have signed – and that number keeps on climbing. People were clearly shocked and dismayed about Google’s decision, and they came to to make their voices heard.”

Earlier this year, Google was the target of another popular petition over a “racist” app called “Make Me Asian” that appeared in the Google Play Store. In January, Google removed the app after just 8,000 people signed the petition