Google Reader Shutdown a ‘Nail in the Coffin’ for FeedDemon

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – News aggregating platform Google Reader is a goner come July 1st – and while it may come as much chagrin to some users, it may also be having a devastating effect on other web tools.

Last Wednesday, the developer behind popular RSS feed FeedDemon announced that it would discontinue the reader.

In a blog post, developer Nick Bradbury explained his platform’s reliance on the soon to be defunct Google tool: “FeedDemon relies on Google Reader for synchronization, and there’s no decent alternative (and even if there were, it’s doubtful I’d have time to integrate with it, at least not without trading time away from my family – which I won’t do).”

Despite that, there was more reasoning behind ending FeedDemon, something first launched in 2003. Bradbury also noted that he’d struggled to keep it updated as it had since ceased from “paying the bills.”

FeedDemon won’t entirely be gone, though. “If you’re using FeedDemon without Google Reader synchronization, it will continue to work beyond July 1. You can keep using it to read your feeds for years to come. If you’re synching FeedDemon with Google Reader, you can disable synching by selecting Tools > Options > Synchronization Options, then switching to the “Accounts” tab and removing your Google account,” Bradbury went on to explain.

Google cited declining usage and refocusing on less offerings with announcing the end of Google Reader last week.