Google Receives Privacy Policy Scrutiny, Change in the Mix?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A new reworking of Google’s privacy policy could be in the mix. According to a BBC report on Tuesday, European watchdog CNIL, a data privacy regulator has asked that tech giant to provide key revisions to its wording.

The move follows a major makeover occurring in March in which Google previously revamped its policy.

The organization would like Google to be more precise on exactly which data it collects and what its being used for. CNIL also said users aren’t provided control over such actions.

Google, meanwhile, has already responded to the recently published report. “Our new privacy policy demonstrates our long-standing commitment to protecting our users’ information and creating great products. We are confident that our privacy notices respect European law,” commented Google’s global privacy council Peter Fleischer in a BBC news story.

The top online search giant has increasingly received scrutiny over its data collection practices in the past. In August, it was made public that the FTC had fined Google a sum of $22.5 million for the company’s illegal use of tracking cookies via Apple’s Safari web browser.