Google Transparency Report Unveils Top Copyright Woes

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Websites infringing intellectual property are nothing new on the web. Those with legitimate complaints often turn to Google, asking the top online search provider to remove such content.

Most recently, Google unveiled more data shedding light on just how many removal requests it receives, and exactly where they come from.

And the top copyright owner to complain? According to the report, Microsoft sent Google URL removal requests accounting for 536,716 websites in the past month. Behind Microsoft were companies including NBC Universal and the British Recorded Music Industry.

Others notable mentions further down in the list were Sony Music and Universal Music. Meanwhile, a significant amount of requests involved content on file sharing sites such as,, and more.

Microsoft has long been noted for its copyright woes. In April, a report from indicated that the company was suing reseller PCExchange for selling computer systems containing unauthorized versions of its OS software.