Google, Yahoo! & Microsoft Curb Ads on Pirate Websites

Google, Yahoo! & Microsoft Curb Ads on Pirate Websites(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Websites that sell pirated goods may soon experience a drop in revenue. On Monday, the White House announced an agreement between tech giants including Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and others to help curb advertising on such online presences.

And according to a BBC report, the measure could find ads being withdrawn from websites like The Pirate Bay and others.

“The Administration strongly supports voluntary efforts by the private sector to reduce infringement and we welcome the initiative brought forward by the companies to establish industry-wide standards to combat online piracy and counterfeiting by reducing financial incentives associated with infringement. We believe that this is a positive step and that such efforts can have a significant impact on reducing online piracy and counterfeiting,” stated Victoria Espinel, White House Property Enforcement Coordinator via a blog post.

Through the initiative, rights holders will be able to inform an ad network if their advertisements are appearing on a pirated website. The ad network will then be able to pull them if it so chooses, according to the BBC.

Online theft of intellectual property is a big concern. Many BitTorrent critics have blamed websites like The Pirate Bay and Megaupload for making content readily available for no cost.