Google’s Nexus 5 Will Receive New Redesigned Hardware

Google's Nexus 5 Will Receive New Redesigned Hardware (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Users of the Nexus 5 will be receiving some new tweaks to the popular LG phone.

According to Yahoo News, Google and LG have redesigned the hardware in the Nexus 5 that users were complaining about.

A photo posted on xda-developers showed the new Nexus 5 on top of the older model, revealing the small differences between the two.

The new batch of Nexus 5 smartphones will feature larger microphone and speaker holes, which seems to be the most noticeable difference between the two models.

Along the side of the smartphone, the updated power and volume bottoms will be sturdier, as to fix the issue of “noisy buttons.”

Google or LG have not released an official statement regarding the tweaks in the Nexus 5, so it is not sure when the smartphone will be released.